Foot Massage Therapy Benefits and Where to Find Massage Places in Brisbane City; Massage Therapists in Brisbane CBD

For centuries, foot massage has been practiced in many places to promote physical health and overall well-being. Today, millions of people use massage therapy as an alternative medicine for pain relief, stress reduction, and healing. Foot reflexology affects the entire body; as pressure is applied to specific points on the feet, various parts of the body are stimulated. If you’ve never had a professional foot massage before, be sure to book one as soon as possible. The benefits are well worth it.


Foot massage can reduce anxiety and enhance relaxation. One key point on each foot is known as the solar plexus, and this tends to be a storage area of sorts for stress. When a massage therapist applies pressure to this point, the stress is released from the area, and the whole body experiences relaxation and renewal.

Cleansing and Improved Circulation

The blood circulating throughout your body transports nutrients and oxygen to all your cells. It also cleans waste and toxins from your body. Stress can have a limiting effect on blood flow. Since foot massage can alleviate stress, and improve blood circulation, allowing your body to receive these essential nutrients and oxygen more efficiently.

Harmony and Balance

When all your body’s systems are working together in harmony to produce a state of equilibrium, this is known as homeostasis. Foot massage therapy encourages homeostasis, improving your overall health and making you feel energised, focused, and calm.

Increased Energy

Foot massage gives you more energy, making it a restorative and rejuvenating treatment. As the massage therapist rubs and presses on your feet, all the aspects of the massage come together to produce increased energy levels in the body. Brisbane City massage therapists release blockages that hold energy back, allowing it to flow freely through the body.

Immune System BoostFoot massage stimulates reflexes in the feet,
bringing about healing and relaxation. When you are relaxed and calm, your immune system may function better, and it will be harder for stress to take its toll on your health. Receiving regular foot massages may protect you from numerous stress-related diseases.

Where to Go in the Brisbane CBD for Massage Therapy

Looking for Brisbane City massage places? Mystyle Thai Massage is the place to go. Located in the Brisbane CBD, we offer affordable, professional massages given by highly trained massage therapists in private, air-conditioned rooms. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in a quiet environment and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. In addition to foot massage, we offer traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage. This rhythmic pressing and stretching of the body can give you an improved state of mind, a relaxed, healthier body, and less stress as you go about the rest of your day. You won’t find a better-priced massage anywhere in Brisbane City, and we never compromise on quality. For a special treat, try our Four Hands Oil Massage and let two therapists massage you at once for an intense, ultra-relaxing session. Give us a ring and book a massage today – we look forward to hearing from you.

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