Thai Massage vs. Western Massage and Where to Get a Professional Thai Massage in Brisbane City, Brisbane CBD

If you are considering booking your first Thai massage, you may be in for some pleasant surprises. Thai massage differs from Western massage in a few key ways. The differences can be quite shocking to those who are accustomed to traditional relaxation massage, but as you’ll see, the differences exist for excellent reasons.

Professional Thai Massage in Brisbane vs. Classic Western Massage

One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive for your Thai massage is less equipment. Most Western massage takes place on a massage table, but Thai massage is done on the floor, which allows you a complete range of motion. You’ll need plenty of space because, unlike Western styles of massage, you won’t just be lying passively while the therapist does all the work. Instead, your massage therapist will move all around and above you as they perform your Thai massage. They won’t just use their hands, fists, and elbows, either. During a Thai massage, your therapist may also use their legs and feet to gain leverage as they put all the different parts of your body through a series of poses and deep stretches.

Traditional Thai Massage

A typical professional Thai massage in the Brisbane CBD involves enough stretching that the practice is often called Thai yoga massage. This massage has similar effects to a yoga class but without the exertion of an hour-long workout. You’ll simply relax and breathe while your therapist manipulates your legs, hips, and arms into various poses, stretching and relaxing your muscles and releasing stress and tension from your body and mind.

Western Massage

Some of the therapeutic principles found in Thai massage are similar to those of Western styles such as deep tissue and Swedish massage, although these traditions may achieve them through other methods. For example, a Thai massage therapist may stand on a client’s back to knead back muscles with their feet instead of their forearms. Or, they might stabilise a client’s hips with their knees as they pull on the arms to stretch the body, a move that would be impossible (or, at the very least, very dangerous) for a therapist using a conventional massage table.

Relax into a Professional Thai Massage in Brisbane City

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