Things to Do in QLD: Mystyle Thai Massage Brings a Professional Touch to Queensland and the Brisbane City CBD

For thousands of years, humans have been using massage as an essential tool for both relaxation and improving general health. In fact, the earliest records we have of massage treatments date all the way back to the ancient Chinese and the Egyptians. Even then, it was clear that manipulating the body and working on the muscles could have beneficial effects. Today, there is an almost innumerable amount of different massage forms available to try. Each can bring its own unique benefits to the recipient. Located in Brisbane City, Mystyle Thai Massage opens the door to a method you may not have encountered before.

Do you traditionally think of massage as a session that involves soothing oils and rhythmic rubbing of the muscles? While we do offer this style of oil massage in our parlour, we primarily focus on providing an option to Brisbane City for Thai massage in QLD. We use only highly trained therapists from Thailand who have undergone hundreds of hours of training to master the principles behind this unique form. If you’re a massage fan and you always enjoy trying new things, we encourage you to visit us. What can you expect when you try a Thai massage session?

Experiencing our massage in the Brisbane CBD in Queensland

This style of massage, which originated as an invention by the Buddha’s physician, involves a considerable amount of body contact. It may even include actions such as gently walking on a patient’s back. For those who have only experienced oil massages in the past, your first session can be a bit surprising — this is because of a different philosophy towards the body. While rubbing your muscles and performing deep tissue massages can be a part of our services, the Thai style massage places a greater focus on bringing the body back into a natural alignment with its own energy.

For those who wish to visit for a lighter type of massage in Brisbane City, QLD, we offer aromatherapy sessions as well. We couple these healing scents with a smoother, more delicate oil-based massage. This can be an excellent complement to a full Thai session, or you may choose to alternate between visits. Ultimately, it comes down to what your body responds to best. Our therapists are here to not only share their knowledge with you but to listen to you as well.

Escape from your busy day for a little while

Experience the difference in person when you visit us for a massage in the Brisbane CBD. Queensland residents can enjoy the comfort that comes from a session administered by experienced hands. With each of our therapists undertaking more than 150 hours of Thai training before practising in QLD, you’re in good hands. We know that every individual is different. While each session follows an overall structure, your therapist will adapt and modify the regimen to fit your unique needs. If you have particular aches and pains that need attention, let us know! Click here to go to our contact page to begin booking your appointment.

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