The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Thai Massage and Where to Book Your Massage in the City of Brisbane, Brisbane CBD

Thai massage works the kinks out of your muscles, making you more relaxed, more flexible, and more immune to disease, but it doesn’t stop there. Thai massage in Brisbane also has some amazing mental health benefits, such as:

Better-flowing energy and a clearer mind

Besides your seven-level Chakra system, your body also contains more than 70,000 energy pathways (nadis). Massage stimulates these pathways and helps clear blockages that impede energy flow. Just as Thai massage improves blood circulation in your physical body, it also encourages a healthy flow of energy throughout your whole system, leading to more balanced emotions and a clearer mind.

Less stress and anxiety

People who receive regular massages tend to have lower cortisol levels than those who don’t. A “stress” hormone, cortisol has been linked to lower immune function. It can kill off cells you need to maintain a healthy immune system. When you lower your cortisol levels, you increase your immune system response as well as reducing your stress and anxiety.

Mind-body connection

Thai massage therapy promotes a strong mind-body connection. Instead of lying passively and letting your mind wander, you’ll be actively involved in stretching and deep tissue work that will keep your mind focused on your body. This way, you’ll remain present and attentive to your breath, moving you gently and naturally into a meditative state. As you align your breath and movement, you’ll likely find that you have better focus and concentration throughout the day.

Increased confidence

It may seem surprising that a massage could increase your confidence, but it’s true. Engaging in regular self-care can increase feelings of self-confidence, self-worth, and general happiness. You deserve to take time out for you, so book a Brisbane City Thai massage today.

Mystyle Thai Massage in the Brisbane CBD

If you’re looking for a massage parlour conveniently located in the Brisbane CBD, look no further than Mystyle Thai Massage. In the heart of Brisbane City, we offer traditional Thai massage in five private, air-conditioned rooms performed by trained, highly qualified massage therapists. At $60/hour, our massages are more affordable than any others you’ll find in the area, but you’ll love the quality of our work.

Our Thai massage uses no lotions or oils. You’ll wear loose, comfortable clothing as you enjoy this healing massage, also known as Thai yoga massage. The constant contact between the giver and receiver and the skilful compressing, pulling, stretching, and rocking of the body results in feelings of deep relaxation, greater flexibility, and many other significant benefits. Whether you’ve had many massages before or this will be your first time, traditional Thai massage is an excellent choice. It can improve your overall physical and mental health and treat a broad range of health concerns. Let us help you relax and let go of stress with a full-body massage, including a luxurious foot massage. You have nothing to lose – contact Mystyle Thai Massage and book your Thai massage today.

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