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When you think of going for a massage, you probably envision yourself lying passively on a table as a massage therapist kneads and presses your tense muscles. However, traditional Thai massage in the Brisbane CBD is a whole different experience. You will have a therapist who will use their hands to knead your muscles, but they’ll also stretch and twist your body in this unique type of massage, also known as Thai yoga massage. Thai massage is just as beneficial as the Western massage you’re used to – if not even more so. It promotes positive energy circulation, making you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced. It also has several other significant benefits including reduction of stress and pain.

What Is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage in Brisbane may be performed on a massage table or the floor. You will lie on a padded mat as your therapist manipulates and poses your body into various stretches. Your massage therapist will also use some traditional massage techniques, such as compression, acupuncture, and joint mobilisation. However, you remain fully clothed (wear something loose and comfortable) and this method involves no oils or lotions.

Enhanced Flow of Energy

Those knowledgeable about Thai massage believe that tight, tense muscles can diminish energy flow in your body. When this happens, you experience pain, stiffness, and a decrease in flexibility. Over time, this can lead to shortened muscles that affect your immunity, organ function, and posture, all of which hasten ageing and disability. Thai massage increases blood circulation to help all your cells and tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen. It also helps your body naturally detox waste products such as carbon dioxide and metabolic by-products. The stretches involved help further relax your muscles, allowing them to regain natural tone and flexibility.

Pain Relief

This type of massage is often an excellent solution for individuals who have chronic pain. It can be effective as a temporary pain relief method for a variety of conditions that cause pain. Some types of Thai massage are also effective at relieving chronic tension headaches. This benefit may exist because of the way Thai massage stimulates lymph and blood circulation and relaxes the nervous system.

Stress Reduction

Thai massage offers the same relaxation benefits as traditional Western massage. As you relax in a peaceful environment and your muscles become less and less tense throughout your session, you’ll be able to let go of stress and begin to feel calmer and more focused, a feeling that will last for a significant amount of time after your massage.

Traditional Thai Massage in Brisbane City at Mystyle Thai Massage

If you’d like to try out a Thai massage – and you’ll be glad you did – contact Mystyle Thai Massage, located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. Our highly skilled massage therapists are professional and knowledgeable about Thai massage and are passionate about pampering their clients in our clean, private, air-conditioned rooms. Book a Thai massage today with Mystyle Thai Massage in the city of Brisbane and see how relaxing and invigorating this type of massage can be.

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